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art by Favianna Rodriguez

Art by Favianna Rodriguez

“ You cannot uneducate the person who has learned to read. You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore. ” – César Chávez, UFW

Latinos to Obama: End Deportations Now, Or Risk Being Worst President on Immigration in History

With CIR Stalled, Latino Groups Launch New “Obama Legacy Project” Campaign Demanding Pres. Obama Take Executive Action

March 24, 2014

Wednesday March 26, 2014
San Diego/Tijuana
Location: Press Conference and vigil in front of ICE offices: 880 Front St. San Diego CA 92101
Time: 6pm PST
Contact: Estela Jimenez
Phone: (619) 309-3449
Email: estelaprg@live.com

Los Angeles
Location: Press Conference in front of the Federal Building: 300 North Los Angeles Street
Time: 10:30am PST
Contact: Arturo Carmona
Phone: (213) 507-1726
Email: arturo@presente.org

New York
Location: Press Conference in front of the federal building: 26 Federal Plaza (on Broadway between Worth and Duane Street)
Time: 11am EST
Contact: Monica Novoa
Phone: (917) 971-0329
Email: monica.l.novoa@gmail.com

Location: Press Conference: In front of Massachusetts State House, Beacon St, Boston, MA 01233
Time: 11am EST
Contact: Patricia Montes
Phone: (617) 959-3108
Email: pmontes@cpresente.org

Location: Press Conference:7 Dunwoody Park, SE, Suite 110, Atlanta, GA 30338
Time: 10:30am EST
Contact: Adelina Nichols
Phone: (770) 289-4833
Email: anicholls@glahr.org

Location: Press Conference: Front of Mickey Leland Federal Building 1919 Smith , Houston, TX
Time: 11am CST
Contact: Teodoro Aguiluz
Phone: (281) 658-8201

This Wednesday, numerous Latino groups are joining forces to launch a new campaign to hold President Obama accountable for record high deportations and other immigrant abuses during his Presidency. The campaign will kick off with press conferences in 6 cities Wednesday, a new website broadly educating the public on Obama’s immigration record, and a public petition calling on the President to end deportations now, or risk being branded by Latino communities as the worst U.S. President on immigration in history.

“We are at a tipping point with President Obama on immigration,” said Arturo Carmona, Executive Director of Presente.org. “It’s time for President Obama to use his executive authority to take action on immigration-- ending deportations now. If he does not, his record high deportation levels, high imprisonment rates, and militarized border tactics will brand him for what he currently is to many Latinos: the worst President in history on immigration. We cannot and will not forget.”

Conveners of the Obama Legacy Project campaign include Presente.org, the Center for Constitutional Rights, the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities, Detention Watch Network and dozens of other groups.

Events will take place in: New York, Boston, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

The groups believe President Obama can still save his legacy, but first they are calling on him to:
- End the deportations of all 11 million;
- Hold a summit and personally meet with immigrant families torn apart by deportations during his tenure;
- Expand deferred departures to all DREAM Act-eligible youth, their parents, and all undocumented immigrants until Congress takes action on reform; and
- Abolish the “Secure Communities” program (SCOMM), which has resulted in rampant and disproportionate racial profiling of Latinos.

Key facts on Obama’s record:
- 2 million deportations, more people than have been deported under any other President in history, the vast majority of which committed no crimes;
- 97% of all people deported are from Latin American and Caribbean communities;
- 28 people killed by the border patrol since 2010, the vast majority Latino.
- Immigration “crimes” are now federal crimes-- so tens of thousands of people are in federal prisons for minor violations.
- Latinos now represent the largest group in Federal prisons.

Polls show that Latinos no longer simply blame Republicans for the immigration crisis and, in fact, now see deportations as a top concern, a concern that places the responsibility on President Obama and current and future Democrats. This campaign will continue through 2016 with an effort to make sure that the next President of the United States will be better for the Latino community.

For interviews with Presente, or with people who have lost family members to deportations or border patrol violence, please contact Molly Haigh at 907-750-1999 or molly@fitzgibbonmedia.com.

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